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MagnuFuel - testimonials - reddit - how to use - pharmacy - free trial – safeAmong the various MagnuFuel miraculous solutions mentioned periodically, we are talking about that of neodymium magnets on petrol pipes, reviews 2019 which would increase the yield and performance even for motorcycles.

Let us look at this phenomenon youtube and try to explain clearly why it is not in heaven or on Earth.

The proposed solution consists of a pair of neodymium magnets or other materials which, placed on the petrol pipe, should improve vaporization forum then combustion or something.

Neodymium is used in alloys with iron and other elements, to make permanent magnets with a high force of attraction. Probably the fact that price the magnetic field represents a “mysterious” for most people, together with the exotic name of this material stimulates the imagination of those who relies on the aura of mystery that surrounds MagnuFuel both to justify the effects of science fiction.

MagnuFuel – customer reviews 2019 – how it works?

Depending on the sites MagnuFuel where we go to read (sites that are then connected to those who sell the magic magnets…), one of the following “scientific” justifications of the phenomenon is found.

MagnuFuel - customer reviews 2019 - how it works?


the magnetic field weakens the force that keeps together the molecules of the fuel, making them easier to their separation, customer obtaining a vaporization better and the droplets smaller burn better

the magnetic field reorder the fuel molecules by putting them all in line, allowing a better combustion

the magnetic field puts energy reviews 2019 into the fuel that becomes “more energetic” and the engine has more power.

I don’t rule out anyone else finding even more imaginative explanations, otherwise it’s just a matter of time. 🙂

In physics is a law very important, known as the “principle of the conservation of energy”, which is always good when they do not become important the relativistic effects, in which case we talk about conservation of mass-energy but how it works does not concern us: we will therefore speak simply of the conservation of energy. There has never been an exception to this principle, if this were to happen one day, we would certainly be faced with the most important discovery of physics… but it’s not today and not with neodymium magnets: -).

In our case (gasoline + magnet), the only true source of energy is the gasoline: the magnet, in fact, has an internal customer energy (which among other things is small if compared to the one that we may provide you with the gasoline in the internal combustion engine), but this internal energy is not used because it remains “stored” in the magnet.

The “fatigue” (i.e. the energy) due to the force of attraction of a magnet, the we detect only when we try to oppose such a force, it is not you, then, that produces the energy but we are that if, for example, reviews 2019 approach and move away a piece of iron to magnet, we “toil” (that is, spend or gain energy) because we are doing the movement in a very precise direction. However, if attaccassimo the iron piece to the magnet without moving it will not do any effort: this should help you to how it works understand that the magnet does not provide any energy to the piece of iron that is tacked on, just because there is no exchange of energy if the piece of iron is stationary.

You can argue that the gas flows between the two magnets, then a movement, there is: true, but the movement of fuel occurs in the transverse direction, MagnuFuel for which if we tried to move the piece of iron would observe that you do not need energy because we do not depart nor come closer to the magnets.

MagnuFuel – before and after – results – testimonials – youtube – forum – comments – reddit

Having said that, MagnuFuel the principle of energy conservation is sufficient to meet the justifications of the phenomenon before and after mentioned above.

MagnuFuel - before and after - results - testimonials - youtube - forum - comments - reddit


The force that holds together results the molecules of a liquid, called the intermolecular force due to an electric field and not magnetic, testimonials and therefore, the effect of an external magnetic field does not change the intensity. In addition, youtube if this weakening occurs, it would mean that the liquid under forum consideration (in our case petrol) has suffered a decrease reddit in its internal energy… but since the structure of the comments molecule cannot vary, who would “take” this energy? The magnet? It is not possible, as we have observed before the internal energy before and after of the magnet does not vary.

Molecular rearrangement results does not occur because – among other things – gasoline is not a paramagnetic substance, testimonials that is, a substance on which the magnetic field has an effect on the orientation of molecules. In any case, youtube the assertion according to which a substance that presents an ordered forum structure can improve a combustion process has no foundation: even in this case the comments principle of conservation of energy tells us MagnuFuel that the energy produced by combustion has no reason reddit to increase.

Ingredients – supplement facts – dosage

The internal energy stored in the magnet does not vary, ingredients in particular it does not decrease, so it cannot in any way provide additional energy to petrol.

I tried to explain the arguments as easily as possible, supplement facts at some point I gave up formalism, I hope I have been able to make the various concepts more intuitive. There would be so many other things to say, and assessments to be done to make more complete analysis, however I preferred to synthesize without going in to too much detail because – in case – we must think of those who advertise these systems to provide dosage scientific explanations and, above all, measurements certified to attest to the validity of the product.

Does the device save fuel: fake news or reality?

How to save fuel

In months like these, ingredients characterized, among other things, from the fake news spread via the internet, it is increasingly complex to disentangle all the information that you read on the network, and to distinguish supplement facts the true from the false.

The car sector is no exception and it can happen to find the articles that speak of instruments, which, applied to our cars, they would save money, dosage in particular by considerably reducing the chapter “expenses for fuel”.

Wiki – information – how to use? – benefits – pros and cons

This is the case, wiki not to mention an example, of a fuel-saving device, promoted online, which promises to significantly reduce fuel consumption, information no matter whether the car is diesel, gasoline, methane or LPG.

The market for car devices to save money

This is not the only how to use device available. Other products have already been offered to the network public, for example to improve benefits engine performance.

A company offers a 100% natural cooling circuit liquid pros and cons to improve yield and optimize consumption. This product, according to the instructions of the suppliers, acts on the combustion engine and reduce the polluting effect, wiki even up to 87%, depending on the type of engine.

Another company sells on its website a device information to connect to the cigarette lighter of the car, which, acting on the vehicle’s electrical system, how to use would reduce consumption by 70% while improving benefits performance.

A third device, a chip tuning, inserted in Cars Finally promises pros and cons to boost engine performance and at the same time save fuel.

MagnuFuel – price – cost – free trial – for sale – order

Consumption, maintenance MagnuFuel, emissions and performance

The common point of all these equipment is the price promise of saving the petrol pump and improving engine performance.

In the same vein, cost but in sharp improvement compared to what has just been seen there is also a newer fuel-saving device, promoted online. According to the free trial instructions on the site, it is a product that has permanent magnets, for sale mounted on the delivery pipe of the fuel of a vehicle with any power, leads to clear advantages with regard to fuel consumption, order maintenance costs, emissions and performance.

It says on the website of the company that the markets, price that the molecules of the fuel passing through the magnetic field cost at high power (we are talking about 12,000 gauss nominal) are subjected to a variation of their surface tension. As a result, free trial at the time of combustion, the molecules increase their speed, the spray is increased, for sale the combustion will gain in quality.

This fuel-saving device is equipped with order an aluminum outer casing with a diameter of 30 mm; inside, protected by a plastic insert, there are 2 zinc-plated MagnuFuel iron platelets and 8 powerful magnets for a total of about 12,000 nominal gauss.

MagnuFuel – where to buy – website – walmart – amazon – pharmacy – store

The mechanism MagnuFuel shall be mounted between the filter where to buy placed after the tank and the pump website preceding the carburettor or injectors, depending walmart on the supply.

Is it working amazon or not?

How to know pharmacy if this fuel-saving device really works?

There are only two possibilities, store at least up to when the product should not be widely spread, and so be able to demonstrate, where to buy thanks to its success, the effectiveness website same as promised: the first option walmart is to buy it and try it on your car, by measuring amazon the differences store in consumption before and after installation; the second, pharmacy instead, merely rely on the reviews MagnuFuel of the network.

Side effects – safe – instructions – negative reviews

In this regard, side effects there are two kinds of comments and, official site as you can imagine, one against the other. On the site safe of the manufacturer, the interventions posted are quite positive: those who tested it on their instructions truck or on their car say they have noticed a more fluid engine and lower for men consumption.

On other sites, however, negative reviews comments are rather doubtful . We wonder if it is really possible to obtain a magnetic field so important as that of the 12,000 gauss, corresponding to about one-fiftieth of that exerted side effects by the Earth.

Other concerns are safe then expressed on the versatility of the buy online product: given that the molecules of diesel, gasoline and instructions natural gas are extremely different from each other, the same device, save fuel, negative reviews can really be effective for the one and for the other, and, above all, for women in any climatic condition?

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