Healthy Lifestyle by Eating Tasty and Delicious Foods

Healthy Lifestyle by Eating Tasty and Delicious FoodsTasty Food and Delicious To Success of the Diet Program in recent years, many people are vying to implement a healthy lifestyle by running a strict diet in order to get the ideal body shape. Exercise regularly. it is not enough if not coupled with a healthy diet.

Calm down, the cost to buy healthy food ingredients that are not very expensive. Simply by combining the ingredients of food, food tasty and nutritious ready to eat every day.

  • Banana and Oatmeal

You are again a healthy diet should always be ready oatmeal in the house. The taste of oatmeal is indeed tasteless, but by mixing the pieces of banana in it, it was so delicious. In addition to healthy, this food is also cheap, filling, and easily presented. Banana and oatmeal is very suitable breakfast before you depart for college or work.

  • Banana and Yogurt

After exercising, you will definitely feel hungry. To restore the lost power, you can prepare delicious meals in the form of a banana and yogurt. The content of glucose which is present in bananas are very good to help the formation of muscles of the body. In addition, yogurt is also great for removing fat in the body. Two food combinations that fit perfectly to the diet of your senses!

Whole Wheat bread and Avocado

Whole Wheat bread and AvocadoThe avocado fruit is often processed into a juice that is fresh it can be processed into jam to smear on bread wheat. No need to fear, the content of fat in avocados is good fat that is easily burned to produce energy. So also with the bread of wheat which contains a lot of nutrients, fiber, and vitamins, is great for shaping the muscles.

  • Salad and Avocado

Bored with the menu the salad is so-so only? You can add pieces of avocado into a salad bowl, it’s definitely more fresh. To make it more fresh again, you can add apple vinegar to the salad. Where the function of apple cider vinegar itself is to burn the fat-fat in the body.

  • Apple chips and cinnamon Powder

Chips we know is made from sweet potato or banana. How about replacing them with apples for a healthy diet? The process of making apple chips this time instead of deep fried, yes, but baked so that keripiknya does not contain fat. After baking, sprinkle the apple chips with cinnamon powder. So that it feels more fresh, you can add a squeeze of lemon in it. This food is very suitable to be used as snack in the afternoon before the dinner hour arrived.

Pear and Spinach

pears and spinachSo the lunch menu was more complete, serve is juice at the dinner table. Juice time this is not regular juice, but green juice which is a mix between a pear and spinach. This juice tastes very fresh, especially when added with a squeeze of lime or lemon.

In addition to serve as a complement to the menu, green juice can also be used as a snack if you are hungry before the lunch hour arrived. This Menu so the menu is a favorite among vegans in the world. Please try if you are interested to become vegan.

  • Almonds and Oregano

The combination between almonds and oregano is also fitting for the menu of the diet of your senses. Oregano is a plant that is still cognate with the mint leaves. Oregano this contains calcium, vitamin K, fiber, and other organic compounds that are good for digestion. Coupled with the low calories contained in almonds. Guaranteed deh, fat in the body will not increase much.

  • Sandwich and Green Peppers

In addition to vegetables and tomatoes, add the pieces of green pepper on the contents of the sandwich. Green peppers are very good for burning fat and lowering cholesterol levels in the body. For those of you who have issues with piles of fat in certain parts, consumption is green peppers regularly so that the fat is quickly lost.

  • Sweet potato and Yogurt

The combination of sweet potato and yogurt does look a bit strange. But don’t get me wrong, this combination is very good to shrink the circumference of the abdomen, so the waist looks more slim. Please consumption of these foods as a snack in the afternoon and do exercise regularly so that the body shape is maintained.

Pay More Attention To Eating Patterns

The process of the formation of the body will be more quickly if you pay attention to the food that was about to be consumed. You should avoid foods that contain carbohydrates and fats which are too high so that the shape of the body is maintained. In addition, do regular exercise to help lose weight and build muscle body.

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